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Welcome to KITA Institute

KITA Institution is a movement of National Communications Organization and Communities Partner Organization which will continue and will open interactive communication with people in all fields as Organizational Target, so that people can take an active and critical role to take part proactively in making changes as scheduled by state organizers , the people are involved as a supervisory agency in order to safeguard the process of change towards a better Indonesia in all fields, in the process of nation improvement, to encourage transparency, and to understand and to generate clean leaders from all forms of benefit in public office as a conductor government and especially abuse of authority and especially Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism (KKN)



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Public Relations

We also build cooperation with the government and the community in terms of regional development

Regional Innovation

We always seek new innovations to increase local investment.

Research & Devotion

We are also independent agencies conducting public policy research and studies.


Training is the most routine thing we provide to create local and national institutions in competing

Care & Save KITA

We always help the community in handling natural disasters and social crisis in the community.

Tecnology Development

We also develop some works in terms of technology as our being with you

Meet the team

Organizational structure

Our Vision, Mission, Values, and Principles

KITA's vision

  • Creating a National and Community Communication Partner Institution at national level, and being the pioneer of Integration of Community Communication;
  • Being an innovator in various fields at national level with international reputation to bring KITA into Globalization era;

Our mission is to

  • Increase the contribution of institutional resources to the advancement of information technology that is well-managed and partnered;
  • Develop a profit center for the welfare of internal and external stakeholders;
  • Establish a productive and sustainable network of cooperation with institutions of education, government and business at the regional, national and international levels;
  • Open communicative information and invite people to play an active, creative, critical role towards the improvement of the nation in order to encourage the realization of transparency, egalitarian public accountability by upholding the principles of democracy, justice and in the effort to uphold supremacy.